What Other People’s Pet Lovers Is All About

I am recently retired and knowing that it’s important to stay busy, I’ve started a new Blog & Facebook page called “ OTHER PEOPLE’S PET LOVERS-OPPL”. My husband & I do a lot of power walking in our neighborhoods & when we travel; and we realized that we really enjoy meeting the pets & their owners along our walks. So why not share our pet experiences and also encourage everyone to post THEIR pet on my Facebook page  ! 

We were dog owners for years to 2 little shitzu’s names Ally & Max. They were very gentle and had fun personalities which brought us a lot of laughter for 14 & 15 years until they passed away. Because we’ve moved to a condo and because we want to do a lot of traveling, we’ve decided that owning anymore pets is not the best idea. Instead…… we will enjoy YOUR pets !! So please post them on my Facebook page (see name above).